Want to save hundreds of pounds on driving lessons?

Driving lessons are expensive so how can you save over £300?  Your lessons are tailored around you so rather than telling you how to do everything you will be coached to deal with all the various aspects of driving.  This means you are involved in the decision making. People who are coached in this way become safer drivers but also learn to deal with situations quicker (and more safely) so not only become safer drivers but tend to pass their test first time.  This can save you over £100 by not having to take another test, and potentially save more money as you haven't got to take any more lessons before your next test.  Now let's look at the actual lessons.  Most people may take an hour lesson a week; let's say there is 5 minutes at the beginning and end to discuss what will be covered on the lesson and, at the end of the lesson if this has been achieved.  Already you have reduced the lesson time to 50 minutes.  Additionally, you have to travel to an area to practise so let's assume this is 5 minutes there and back.  You now have 40 minutes to practise.   Now let's assume that you are taking 90 minute lessons.  You have 70 minutes to practise (nearly double the time) which means you achieve your goal quicker and gain more experience.  If we use the example of someone taking 40 hours to get to test standard, this can be reduced by nearly ten hours which can save you over £200.  Couple this with being coached and you not only save money but are much more ready to deal with a wide variety of situations when you pass your test.

Pass Plus training by qualified professionals

At Red Amber Go, we are Pass Plus registered. From teaching you the basics of driving to providing post-test tuition, we will work with you every step of the way. This training will help you drive on all types of roads and in a variety of situations. 

We run a special offer of £200 for ten hours of coaching for new drivers. You are sure to find this offer beneficial. We are based in Nottingham, but we also welcome clients from Chilwell, Lenton, Clifton, Gotham, East Leake Beeston, Stapleford, Sandiacre and Long Eaton. Contact us for more information. 
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Our lessons:

1-hour lesson - £28
2-hour lesson    - £50
10-hour lesson saver - £245
20-hour lesson saver - £480
30-hour lesson saver - £705
Pass Plus - £180 
For new drivers our special offer of ten lessons for £200 does not tie you into more lessons.
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Ideal for first-time drivers

Our courses are ideal for both inexperienced and experienced drivers. We teach drivers from the age of 16. Our driving instructors have considerable experience in the business and you can be sure that you will be in safe hands. 

In addition to this, we offer training on traffic-free circuits. Contact us to enrol on the course. 
“Steve was a great driving instructor. He was calm and organised and he made a point of spending extra time making sure I got the most out of every lesson. He made sure I was at a level not just so I could pass my test, but that I could drive with confidence afterwards. Thanks for the laughs and banter as we drove around. I would definitely recommend him.”

- Pete Godolphin

“Steve is an excellent driving instructor, very friendly and helpful. He's very patient and built my confidence up over the weeks to help me pass the first time. He's also very thorough and made sure I was confident with each step before moving on. He was always happy to go over things I was unsure about. I would definitely recommend Steve to family and friends!”

- Kyla Whalin
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To speak to the driving instructors at Red Amber Go, call on 07515 533 603

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